What is a Clinical Psychologist?

What is a Clinical Psychologist? and what can you expect?

A clinical psychologist has completed post graduate study of psychological theory, human behaviour, advanced assessment tools and psychological interventions. They are able to use applied psychological techniques that are the most effective for your problem list within the context of your life circumstances. 

They can inform you of normal development phases, adjustments techniques, and discuss clinical diagnoses with you. Sometimes people only need one or two sessions to provide psycho education and normalise what you are experiencing while at other times individuals will need a brief treatment plan (6 sessions) and/or a referral to other services. 

You should be able to feel safe and comfortable in your psychology sessions.  A psychologist will inform you why they have suggested a treatment intervention and will discuss with you the time frame of the treatment plan; most of the time they are able to give you an indication of number of sessions required.